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Chief Executive Officer

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Thomas P. Bostick recently served as Chief Operating Officer and President, Intrexon Bioengineering (NASDAQ: XON). He was the 53rd Chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Bostick helped lead the nation’s response to Superstorm Sandy.  He was the Army’s Director of Personnel; he deployed with the 1st Cavalry Division during Operation Iraqi Freedom and later commanded the Gulf Region Division with responsibility for an $18B construction program. During 9/11, he was the senior watch officer in the Pentagon’s National Military Command Center on the Joint Staff. He was an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at West Point.  As a White House Fellow, he was a special assistant to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. A member of the National Academy of Engineering, Bostick is a licensed professional engineer and a Forbes Contributor. He is on the boards of CSX (NASDAQ: CSX), Perma-Fix (NASDAQ: PESI), HireVue, American Corporate Partners (ACP), and Streamside Systems. Bostick is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, holds Master of Science Degrees in Civil and Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and a PhD in Systems Engineering from George Washington University.

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Co-Founder and Executive Coaching Director

​Renee Bostick, M.Ed, ICF-PCC

​My professional experience follows:

Military spouse, moved 27 times; lived on three continents and in six states in the United States; it is my honor and privilege to count myself a member of the community of military spouses.

Executive Coach, graduate of George Mason University's Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well Being Program, Program certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Earned ICF PCC coaching credential.

ICF Metro DC Board Member, Board Secretary, and Board Liaison for the fifteen community coach’s coffee groups in the DC Metro Area.  ICF DC Metro Chapter is the largest city chapter in the United States with a membership of over 1200 coaches.

Bostick Global Strategies, Co-Founder to include Educational Consultant and Founder, Book Magic: Provides parent engagement workshops for schools and local organizations with a focus on quality children's literature (fiction and nonfiction), current book lists for toddlers, preschoolers, primary, intermediate, and middle school readers; read aloud strategies for sharing good books and making memories with children.

Professional Educator, 38 years of experience (26 schools) stateside and overseas as a classroom teacher (ES, MS, HS), Reading Specialist (ES, MS), Assistant Principal (ES and MS), and Principal (ES); nominated by staff and PTA for Principal of the Year for seven consecutive school   years 2009-2016.

 Construction School Administrator assigned to oversee/act as liaison between an international construction company, district leadership, school staff and parent community; $27 M construction project to include a 30,000 square foot/3-story addition and   complete remodeling of the building while staff and students occupied the building and relocatables, July 1, 2016-December 21, 2017.

Military Child Education Coalition, Member Board of Directors, 2010-present; Member, Finance Committee USAA Advisory Panel, Member, 2011-2014

Adjunct Instructor, Old Dominion University; Courses: Teaching Reading K-12 and Second Language Acquisition in Grades K-12 Houghton Mifflin, Educational Consultant, Reading and Math, Palo Alto, California Office

American Corporate Partners (ACP), Military Spouse Mentor Program, Mentor

George Washington University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Mentor (undergraduate students)

Speaks, reads and writes Spanish

Service Awards:

  Yellow Rose of Texas awarded/signed by the Governor of Texas (awarded twice, 2004 and 2010)

  Secretary of the Army's Award for Civilian Service (awarded twice, 2009 and 2016)



Co-Founder and Coaching Consultant

     Joshua Bostick earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Stanford University and was the Social Science Research Coordinator of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) in Stanford, California.  His Master’s thesis,  Experiencing nature: Embodying animals in immersive virtual environments increases inclusion of nature in self and involvement with nature (2016, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication), investigated virtual reality technologies’ ability to increase empathy through body-transfer, where experiment subjects embodied the avatar of a shorthorn cow in a fully immersive virtual environment.  He has been working in the virtual reality technologies space since 2009 with three years of experience as a Protocol Director creating, designing, and running experiments at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

     Prior to returning to Stanford to become the Social Science Research Coordinator and Protocol Director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab.  Joshua has worked as a Communication and Technology Consultant at Ray Group International, UX Senior Product Manager at SAP developing B2B and B2C mobile applications focused on 3D visualizations and mobile virtual reality solutions, taught in the Department of Engineering at Stanford University for three years, and as a freelance contractor and consultant for startups in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

     He is a co-founder of Bostick Global Strategies (BGS) and is their acting technology consultant.  His role and responsibilities are to cultivate and develop business partnerships with companies and organizations that will benefit from virtual reality technologies’ ability to provide effective and unique solutions for their business needs.  As a serial entrepreneur, Joshua has started more than 10 companies focusing on augmented reality, virtual reality, and mobile applications focused on education and social welfare.  He has led multiple projects working with distributed teams (Palo Alto, CA - New York City, NY - Arlington, VA -London, England - Shanghai, China) from ideation to marketplace delivery.  As a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Manager, and Agile Methodologies Practitioner of 15+ years he is highly skilled and experienced at managing the entire software design lifecycle as well as bringing his UI/UX research expertise to the process in order to eliminate impediments for his development teams while effectively communicating rapid application development changes to key stakeholders. 

   Joshua currently lives in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, where he is studying at The George Washington University to earn his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIST) focusing on social entrepreneurship and AI applications and machine learning respectively.  He is also earning his doctorate from the University of Southern California and will begin his dissertation defense in November 2022. He travels between the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. to fulfill his responsibilities as a technology consultant to Bostick Global Strategies and their clients.

Contact Information

Joshua J. Bostick

Academic and Scientific Publications:

1. Virtual reality perspective-taking increases cognitive empathy for specific others.

publication descriptionvan Loon A, Bailenson J, Zaki J, Bostick J, Willer R (2018) Virtual reality perspective-taking increases cognitive empathy for specific others. PLoS ONE 13(8): e0202442.

2. Embodying nature’s experiences: Taking the perspective of nature with immersive virtual environments to promote connectedness with nature.

Ahn, S. J., Bostick, J., Ogle, E., & Bailenson, J. N. (2015). Publication date Sep 14, 2016Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

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