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Our Capabilities

The collective experience of our team enables us to quickly and seamlessly become an extension of yours, to foster growth in a wide variety of fields. We have the know-how and networks to navigate within government agencies, among government contractors, and in the start-up community – to get your project the exposure it requires to move forward. Whether it’s coaching executives through challenges, consulting on commercialization, preparing to pitch to investors, or providing project management, the BGS team is equipped to meet the needs of today’s changemakers. BGS has experience in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Untapped potential abounds in the U.S., and the Bostick team can partner with you to make the most of former industrial sites, to advance essential infrastructure improvements, or to navigate barriers to building reuse – to name a few. Having led the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers through the response to Superstorm Sandy, and holding advanced degrees in civil, mechanical, and systems engineering, General Bostick can manage an engineering challenge of any scope, enlisting the proper partners and leveraging human, technical/scientific, and capital resources to their best and highest use.

You’ve created a product that will change lives, and we know who to pitch it to and how to move it expediently through the processes to get it approved and to market. With experience securing approvals in the FDA, EPA, NIH, and Department of Agriculture, the Bostick team is equipped to help bring your vaccine, drug, or product to its next stage of development or to the marketplace. We’re familiar with Accelerated Approval, having recently expedited the approval process for several products.


Author and leadership thinker Simon Sinek said, “Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.” BGS excels in the business of finding great people and empowering them to achieve a shared mission – through consulting around recruiting, talent management, human resources, DEI, and culture. As Commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command and Director of U.S. Army Personnel, General Bostick achieved unmatched growth in recruiting and meaningful and lasting change in well-being and equity for soldiers and families, and he was recently called upon again by U.S. Army leadership to assist in transforming U.S. Army Recruiting Command. The principles applied at that scope and scale can be right-sized to support talent management and human resources at any organization; BGS has experience in HR and talent management advising spanning start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

The environment is impacted by growth and development of all kinds – it’s up to us whether that impact is positive or negative. As a board member of Resilient Cities Catalyst and the National Academies Gulf Research Program focused on sustainability in the Gulf region, as well as an advisor and/or leader on several National Academy of Science committees, Tom Bostick strives to create positive impact or at the very least limit negative impact on all projects with which he’s involved. Tom works with the public and private sectors on environmental, climate, and sustainability projects, including supporting Hilco Redevelopment Partners with sustainable projects in several areas of the USA. His experience with initiatives related to extreme events, urban flooding, and the creation of resilient infrastructure and resilient cities lends applicable insights to any type of climate or sustainability challenge.


Renée Bostick recognizes that we can only do our best in service of others when we are at our own best state of being. She has conducted extensive research on thriving, and applies these learnings, decades of her own leadership experience, and extensive coach training in her practice as a leadership coach. Coaching can be a game-changing complement to a leader’s work in organizational change or growth or the undertaking of a major initiative. This unique offering provides even greater support as BGS clients move forward in growth.

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and machine learning are here to stay, and their uses are endless. It’s becoming ever-more crucial to at least maintain a baseline understanding of the applications and implications of these technologies, if not add them to your toolbox. With experience developing software, apps, immersive virtual experiences, and UI/UX design in both academia and industry, the Bostick team has a depth and breadth of knowledge that can be applied to nearly any challenge.


When a team knows its “north star–” the values that guide it, and the future state they hope to achieve – the department or organization will thrive. Using leadership and personality assessments (DiSC, EQi, Leadership Profile 360, and Hogan Personality Assessment), team dynamics best practices, and their own various lived experience, the Bostick team supports transformation through organizational consulting and development. Prepare for change initiatives, assess the challenges impeding organizational effectiveness, create or refine strategy, revive team energy, and more in collaboration with BGS.

"I have worked with coaches for years now and can safely say, Renée Bostick is the best I have ever worked with. Her personal experiences [greatly compliment] her personal style and Renée has a way of communicating that instantly reduces the anxiety of a typical coach setting. I would recommend Renée for a project, if we needed a coach now, in a second."



Having assumed command of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in May,  2012, Lt. Gen. Bostick soon faced the challenge of overseeing recovery from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy that November. 

Pictured below are scenes from his promotion ceremony and evaluating damage in the affected areas. At right is a video clip from CBS News with anchor Scott Pelley.

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