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Thomas P. Bostick, Ph.D., PE

Chief Executive Officer

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Thomas Bostick, Ph.D founded Bostick Global Strategies to combine his experience toward significant impact and to put a meaningful exclamation point on his esteemed career. Following roles in the military, public, and private sectors, Dr. Bostick now appreciates the opportunity to work alongside his family and his most trusted partners and colleagues, taking on complex challenges and delivering results with creativity and confidence. 


Lt. Gen. Bostick pursues his passion for learning diligently. He holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the George Washington University, Masters of Science degrees in both Civil and Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, an MBA from the University of Oxford, and a B.S. in Applied Sciences and Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He continues to both take in and share knowledge through service on various National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineering roundtables and committees, and holds Top Secret with SCI Security Clearance. 


Bostick draws upon experience gained from major challenges to support clients in their pursuit of excellence. As Director of US Army Human Resources, Lt. Gen. Bostick significantly grew the size of the Army following a recruitment crisis and contributed to the enhancement of military life for all through DEI initiatives and policies of inclusion. Recently, he assisted Army leaders with a plan to strategically transform U.S. Army Recruiting Command, directly advising the current head of Army personnel; a role Bostick himself held previously. Read more about this process and its results here.


Bostick has led massive engineering efforts, including the response and recovery to Hurricane Sandy and the construction of the surge barrier in New Orleans – both during his tenure as the 53rd US Army Chief of Engineers. In private industry, he has enabled essential progress within the areas of biotech, environment, and sustainability. Bostick is skilled at bringing products from R&D to commercialization, and adept at moving projects swiftly through federal approval processes – bringing essential vaccines, products, and infrastructure to those who need them now.


Lt. Gen. Bostick is an in-demand keynote speaker and academic lecturer, trusted by institutions such as the US Military Academy at West Point, Stanford University, the United Nations, Harvard University, and the National Academies. He published his first book, Winning After Losing: Building Resilient Teams, to share his collected lessons of leadership. He is a contributing writer at Forbes. Visit to learn more about Tom’s writing and speaking. 


Combining his insider knowledge, leadership credentials, and vast networks within the military, government agencies, government contracting industry, and grant-making foundations, Bostick helps clients navigate toward their highest potential. Lt. Gen. Bostick’s impressive record of past performance holds great promise for future partnerships.

"The retired three-star turned around Recruiting Command in 2005 after one of the worst annual performances in its history through a series of tactical and structural changes — and with the help of slightly relaxed entry standards. Bostick, who also served as the Army G-1 and holds a Ph.D. in systems engineering, has worked as an organizational consultant since his 2016 retirement."




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